Sicne you’ve managed to stumble upon this page, I guess I’ll follow its rules.

I’m Sean, I like Metal, thinking, and goofing around. I try to lead a simple, comfortable life, free of stress and full of metal and silliness. It’s working so far. I think, at least.


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  1. Hi,
    We are a DIY fastcore / thrashcore band from Seoul (South Korea) called MyManMike.
    We just released our first album “Will you marry me ?” last June and now we are now looking for some reviews in webzines / fanzines / magazines.
    Unfortunately We cannot send you a physical copy of this album (for some economical reasons, you can understand it…), but here is a link to listen and download it for free :
    (by downloading the album, you will also get the cover and the inlay in jpg/pdf versions)

    Here are some additional info about the band and this album :


    “Will you marry me? ” :
    Recorded @ Bubblegum Sound (Seoul / South Korea) by Lee Hyeon Ho in January 2013
    Mixing and mastering by Benoît Courribet at Cylens Mastering (France)
    Artwork by Katrin Baumgärtner (http://blog.naver.com/jaundicekat)
    Released in May / June 2013

    This album is available in :

    * 10″ Vinyl version (white color): 5 Feet Under Records (DK), Ainu Records (FR), Don Carlos Productions (IT), Donnez moi du feu Records (FR), Eatshitbuydie Records (NL), Emergence Records (FR), Gheea Music (FR), Kawaii Records (FR), Le Sourd Records (FR), No Way Asso (FR), Nuclear Alcoholocaust Records (FR), Oni Red Chords (FR), Peretta Core (IT), Wee Wee Records (FR)
    * CD version : Delusion of Terror (Philippines) with a Bonus song
    * Tape version

    Biography of MyManMike :

    MyManMike is a DIY thrashcore band based in Seoul, South Korea, that started in late 2011.
    3 members, 3 continents, 3 countries : USA, France and South Korea.
    In January 2013, 10 songs were recorded at the Bubblegum Sound (Seoul), mixed and mastered by Benoît Courribet from Cylens mastering (France).
    After a couple of shows in South Korea, the band went on tour in Europe during the summer 2013, performing 59 shows in 14 countries.




    Please let me know it you can review it or not.
    Thanks, Cheers


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